Welcome to my website, my name is Alison I am a professional working mum and wife living in Cheshire and who gains great pleasure and satisfaction from cooking for family and friends.  Do you yearn to savour a slice of your favourite cake with your favourite pot of tea?  Do you long to bite into a slice of traditional sponge cake, or indulge in a piece of millionaire’s shortbread which tastes just like your grandma use to make all those years ago then you have to come to right place. All of my cakes are baked using fresh eggs and traditional baking ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, margarine and a little baking powder to help them rise.


The core of my business is to supply freshly baked cakes and tray bakes just as you would bake them at home, with no added artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or additives to preserve the cakes shelf life my cakes are made for eating and enjoying now not to be hidden away in a cupboard or cake tin to be eaten sometime in the future!